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About Us

Genetic Health Service NZ

Genetic Health Service NZ

We provide the following services:

  • Diagnostic assessment of genetic disorders and information about genetic diagnoses

  • Diagnostic, pre-conceptual, prenatal or pre-symptomatic tests for genetic conditions

  • Assistance in the clinical management of genetic diseases and identification of preventable complications by early and accurate diagnosis and surveillance

  • Genetic counselling and management advice for the extended family of affected individuals

  • Telephone enquiry service for doctors, midwives and other health professionals concerning genetic diseases

  • Genetics education for professional and lay/community groups

Regional Services

Regional Services

Genetic Health Service NZ is a national service, with Hubs covering three regions (read more):


Northern Hub

This service covers the upper half of the North Island. It is based in Auckland and provides outreach clinics in Whangarei, Hamilton, Tauranga, Rotorua, and Gisborne.


Central Hub

This service covers the lower half of the North Island and Nelson. It is based in Wellington and provides outreach clinics in New Plymouth, Whanganui, Napier, Palmerston North, Porirua, Lower Hutt, and Nelson.


South Island Hub

This service covers all of the South Island (except Nelson). It is based in Christchurch and provides outreach clinics in  Greymouth, Timaru, Dunedin, Queenstown, and Invercargill.



Northern Hub

Clinical Geneticists are medical doctors with specialist training in medical genetics. Patients are likely to see them before a diagnosis has been made.


Genetic Counsellors (also known as Genetic Associates) are healthcare professionals with training in human genetics and counselling. Genetic Counsellors are certified through the Human Genetics Society of Australasia. Patients are likely to see them about a known condition.

National Clinical Director

Dr Kate Neas (Central Hub)

Northern Hub

Clinical Geneticists

Dr Ian Hayes, Clinical Director, Clinical Geneticist
Dr Juliet Taylor, Clinical Geneticist
Dr Patrick Yap, Clinical Geneticist

Dr Raoul Heller, Clinical Geneticist

Dr Candice Feben, Clinical Geneticist


Genetic Counsellors

Kim Gamet, Team Leader, Senior Genetic Counsellor
Cindy Zaitsoff, Senior Genetic Counsellor
Jenny Eaton, Senior Genetic Counsellor
Kelly Sullivan, Genetic Counsellor

Harry Fraser, Genetic Counsellor
Harriet Jones, Genetic Counsellor

Suzannah Bawden, Genetic Counsellor

Hayley Green, Associate Genetic Counsellor

Stephanie Burcher, Associate Genetic Counsellor

Anita Lee, Associate Genetic Counsellor

Intake Assistant

Kirsten Craddock

Central Hub

Clinical Geneticists

Dr Kate Neas, Clinical Leader, Clinical Geneticist

Dr Gemma Poke, Clinical Geneticist

Dr Colina McKeown, Clinical Geneticist

Dr Alex Henderson, Clinical Geneticist

Dr Sophie Swart, Advanced Trainee in Clinical Genetics

Genetic Counsellors

Alice Christian, Team Leader, Senior Genetic Counsellor

Emma Felix, Senior Genetic Counsellor

Sally Jackson, Genetic Counsellor

Sarah Collis, Genetic Counsellor

Nadia Preitner, Genetic Counsellor

Nicola Menzies, Associate Genetic Counsellor

South Island Hub

Clinical Geneticists

Dr Kate Gibson, Clinical Leader, Clinical Geneticist

Dr Birgit Zirn, Clinical Geneticist

Professor Stephen Robertson, Clinical Geneticist


Genetic Associates

Linda Cheng, Team Leader, Senior Genetic Associate

Jan Sullivan, Senior Genetic Associate

Jordan Wood, Associate Genetic Counsellor

Suretha Erasmus, Genetic Counsellor

Central Hub
Southern Hub
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